A Study of Church, Culture & Doctrine

Base Camp is a conference style, co-ed gathering on Thursday nights for Watermark Fort Worth. The goal is to prepare our members for the mission of the church by equipping them with key doctrine and training. We want to provide a place for folks to laugh, be together and be around God’s Word with God’s people.

Base Camp will kick off at 6:30 PM with some culture time to connect. After that, there will be large group teaching by our elders and then small group time. Children’s ministry will be available as well as the option to attend the class virtually. The curriculum will be based off thirty-six questions that Elder candidates must be able to answer as part of the Elder confirmation process.

We hope you use this opportunity to engage with your community group each week on these topics. Sign up below!

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We are full on Thursday Night!

We are out of room for in person teaching on Thursday evening!
However, we still have open spots on Wednesday morning (Women Only), Thursday morning (Men Only) and online virtual groups!

Wednesday Mornings
@ 10:30 AM – Women Only

Thursday Mornings
@ 6:30 AM – Men Only

Online Groups
(Times Vary)

Base Camp Fall Semester Topics


Who is the Holy Spirit and Why Should it Matter to Me?

Who is the Holy Spirit? What role does the Holy Spirit play in the life of a believer? What does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit? What are spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit, and how are they used?


Christians and the Political World – Who Should I Vote For?

How should a Christian think about politics? What is the framework a believer should use to decide who to support politically? 


Racial Reconciliation and America… What is My Role in Fort Worth, Texas?

What are your thoughts on the Black Lives Matters movement and how does that change how you interact with others today? How would you define the secular models of colorblindness, anglo-conformity, multiculturalism, and white responsibility? Where do these models fall short? What is your Biblical response where you live?


What Role Do Women Play in Leadership of the Church?

What role in leadership do you believe women should have within the church? In what context should they teach? Are there any restrictions?


How Do I Handle Areas in Which God’s Word Gives Me Freedom?

Alcohol, Spending, Leisure Time, Music, Movies, Kids Education, Covid-19 Masks, Discipline of my Kids… What should I do? How do I navigate these areas on a consistent basis so that I can honor God and love people?


What is the Relationship Between the Bible and the Mature Believer?

Is a reading plan all there is? What am I supposed to be getting from my time reading the Bible? Does God have a standard for what I am supposed to get from this book? What is the basis of the Bible’s authority in my life?


Does Participation in the Local Church Make or Break the Believer?

Church membership is never mentioned in the Bible so why does it matter? What benefits are there to being a member of a local church. Post COVID-19, do I really need to return to church? Can’t it just be me, my Bible and God?


Church Missions Director – What is Your Job Description as a Believer?

What is your understanding of your job description from God? If the Church is not a building or a weekly appointment, but a people, what does that mean for you and your home?