As we begin to resume having kids’ ministry for Sunday morning services and our mid-week ministry events, we want to share with you the ever-present measures we are taking to protect the children in our ministry. We understand that you are concerned about the health & safety of your child during their time in Watermark Kids.    


  • We remind our volunteers to be vigilant to wash their hands, vigilant to wear gloves when diapering, and vigilant to encourage our potty-trained kids to wash their hands after going to the bathroom. 
  • ALL Leaders will be required to wear a face mask.  
  • ALL Leaders will go through a mandatory health screening before entering the kid’s area, including temperature checks.


  • We remind and encourage parents and children to stay home if exhibiting any signs of illness, including fever (48 hours clear of fever required to attend in this season), colored nasal discharge, vomiting or diarrhea. If signs of illness are present, we do not allow entrance into the classroom. If we notice that a child is sick while in our care, we immediately call their parents.  
  • We will also be checking temperatures upon arrival of children. If we notice a child is sick while in our care we immediately call their parents.  
  • We ask that only one parent walk their kids back to their classroom.
  • Kids (who are walking) will be required to use hand sanitizer as they walk in the door of their classroom. 


  • We plan to spread out kids amongst our classrooms as best we can, having a max class number of 10 kids per room at the 11:00 AM Sunday service.   
  • For our babies who are not yet walking, we aim to have a 2:1 ratio of infants to adults.
  • At the 11:00 AM Sunday service, Elementary Kids are required to wear a mask, but Pre-K Kids will not be. For all other kids ministry events, masks are optional for kids.
  • AS ALWAYS, we clean and sanitize our classrooms and bathrooms on a daily basis when we have ministry events. 

Things we, as Watermark Fort Worth attenders and members, can remember and implement:  

  • Remain calm, share truth, and remind ourselves that God is good and in control.  (Jeremiah 29:11, Proverbs 3:5-6
  • Pray for wisdom, faith, and peace as we love and serve our families. 
  • BE THE CHURCH. Love and serve. Be gracious to each other’s preferences and convictions.