Construction Update

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Here’s the summary

We are so thankful for how the Lord has provided, through His people, as we begin construction on the metal building on the hill! We have been given over $1,600,000, which will allow us to start and complete Phase 1. We will continue to ask and pray that the Lord will provide the remaining $1,000,000 in order to start the remaining phases of the building.

Phase 1 – We have started on the east side of the building which will provide staff offices, pastoral care rooms and small gathering spaces. We expect this space to be complete by the end of January 2021.

Phase 2 – Will be a large gathering space on the west side of the building, which will be used for middle school and high school ministry, membership class, and other mid-week ministries. We will also complete the exterior of the building, including paint, covered outdoor seating, and final touches. This phase will start when the funds become available.

building project faq


Are we currently meeting our general budget?

Yes, since we announced that we were going independent, we have either met or exceeded our budget needs every month.


Will we take out a loan for any part of the project?

Due to scripture’s warning about debt (Proverbs 22:7), Watermark Fort Worth has chosen to operate with zero debt and has successfully done so.


How will the large gathering space be utilized?

The gathering space at the hill (Phase 2) will allow our Middle School ministry and New Member class to have a permanent home on Sunday. By moving these two ministries, this will open up much needed space in the children’s wing during each service. In addition, we will utilize this space during the week for additional Equipping classes, High School Ministry and Training Day classes.


How do I respond?

We encourage our members to ask the Lord how they should specifically respond to this opportunity as well as process your response with your community. We also ask that you pray for us to make wise decisions, for the Lord to provide the remaining funds and that this building would allow us to serve our members and guest well.


When do we needed these resources?

We are expected to complete Phase 1 at the end of January 2021. If the funds are available by the Thanksgiving 2020, we will be able to start Phase 2 uninterrupted.


What happens if we do not have enough funds for Phase 2?

Before starting this project, we worked with our construction team on separating the work into phases, in case funds were not fully available. We included the majority of the work in Phase 1 to minimize the costs of redundancies. If the funds are not available for Phase 2 by the time Phase 1 is complete, then we will pause the project until we are able to move forward.


How do I give?

You can give online at If you prefer to give by check, designate “Building Fund” on the memo line and drop it in our giving boxes near the back of the auditorium. You can also mail any gifts to 8000 Western Hills Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76108.