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Faith Pacholczyk

I grew up in Lubbock Texas where I accepted Christ as my Savior at a young age. However, it wasn’t until my Freshman year at Texas Christian University that I realized Jesus didn’t just save me from an eternity away from God, but for an intimate relationship with Him daily. This is when I truly […]

Michael Powell

Michael is busy working hard and hasn’t had the chance to write his bio. However, we do know that Michael loves Jesus, his family, shiny boots and community. Stay tuned to learn more!

Drew Zeiler

I grew up in Katy, Texas and came to know the Lord at a young age. Because my parents were on staff with a well known Para-Church origination, I was continually exposed to the gospel and life on life discipleship. A significant turning point in my faith was when I was in junior high. I […]

Josh Thames

Childhood was the bomb for me! My parents loved Jesus and each other, I am the 3rd of 13 kids (no twins & no adoptions) and we lived on a farm where I could shoot guns, build stuff and ride my dirt bike. The love of adventure, a good adrenaline rush and a wayward heart […]

Gary Stroope

I adore my wife Kimberly. Together, we have raised sons who with their wives and kids love Jesus deeply. God’s work through His word and church has changed us. The great thrill of my life is knowing God has given me a new heart. My self-centered, rebellious life has been conquered by His relentless grace. […]

Alexandra Strange

I grew up in Arlington, Texas and was blessed to be raised by parents who truly shared and showed me the love of Jesus, and I accepted Christ at a young age. Throughout my life, God in His kindness has surrounded me with community to pour into me and point me to the truth of […]

Katie Sargent

I grew up in Arlington, Texas, with parents that truly loved God and modeled that in our household. When I was six years old, they sent me to a summer camp where my counselor shared that God loved me and that He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for my “timeouts”. In high school, I […]

Krista Sanders

My roots run deep in my home church in south Georgia where I came to know Christ on my pastor’s wife’s piano bench and was discipled by some of the most amazing people on the planet—all of whom still invest in me today. My husband, Jeff, and I met at camp and married soon thereafter. […]

Jarrod Rudesill

My wife and I are originally from Kentucky. Whitney and I met at Murray State University where we both served on the worship team at a local church. In 2009, we married and moved to Dallas to become a part of Watermark Community Church. In 2014, we moved west to be a part of the […]

Shannon McQueeney

I was born in Columbia, Maryland but raised in Allen, Texas (Go Allen Eagles!). Growing up in a Christian home, I accepted Christ at an early age, but fell into a pattern of rule following and being morally “good”. I did all the right things, being =super involved in my church’s youth ministry, leading younger […]