Callie Johnson

Operations Coordinator

I grew up in Arlington, Texas in a Christian home with two loving parents and a little brother. I accepted Christ at a young age, but growing up I found myself increasingly torn between wanting to live for Christ and wanting to live for the world. After college (sic ‘em bears!), I moved to Fort Worth and began my goal of climbing the corporate ladder. I became a member of Watermark and found myself in a community group of women who challenged me, walked with me through hills and valleys and showed me what a daily abiding relationship with the Lord looked like. I found true freedom in Christ after learning that success would never fulfill me and that God is a good and trustworthy Father through re:generation.

I now have the unexpected privilege of serving on the Fort Worth Operations team using the skills I developed in the corporate world. I love traveling and adventure and will say yes to any opportunity to see more of the world. My life’s aspiration is to be a barista, but spending time at Fort Worth’s coffee shops will have to do for now!