Josh Thames

Young Adult Director

Childhood was the bomb for me! My parents loved Jesus and each other, I am the 3rd of 13 kids (no twins & no adoptions) and we lived on a farm where I could shoot guns, build stuff and ride my dirt bike. The love of adventure, a good adrenaline rush and a wayward heart led me to leave school early in pursuit of a career as a bull rider. I was every mother’s dream… God in his kindness revealed His love and pursuit of me while I was laying in a hospital bed recovering from a bull riding wreck. He used my parents and specifically my dad to open the eyes of my heart to my desperate need for God and His incredible love for me! I knew from the moment I trusted Christ that all I could do with my life was to bring Him glory and share His love with others!

After a few years in para-church ministry with Sky Ranch Camps, and almost a year in Australia doing sports ministry, the Lord began stirring a love for His church and my home country. I moved back to the states and had the opportunity to be equipped and developed through Watermark’s residency program! I now have the privilege of serving on our Young Adults team at Watermark Fort Worth. I have an amazing, beautiful and Godly gift in my wife Molly and I still love adventure and new friends! I believe that Young Adults are at a unique time in their lives where they have incredible influence, availability and freedom to risk. I believe this puts them at the tip of the spear for all that God wants to do!