Kirsten Hancock

Women’s Community Coordinator

I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas and moved to Fort Worth for my first job out of college. I am a registered dietitian and was working as a menu planner for FWISD (think school lunch) prior to jumping on staff here at WM. I accepted Christ at a young age through children’s ministry and served in children’s ministry throughout my youth. It wasn’t until I moved to Fort Worth and started attending Watermark that I truly began to wholeheartedly live my life for Christ surrounded by healthy community. Through the Women’s Bible Study on Acts I finally understood how far the Gospel had to travel for me to receive it.

I started serving in WBS and as a community group coach and quickly grew a passion for equipping women. I have the opportunity to now serve and shepherd women in community here at Watermark Fort Worth. I hope to encourage women to continue to become more like Christ, to be the Church, have a fire to spread the gospel, and bring the peace of Christ with them wherever they go. I love to cheer on Texas Tech Athletics (WRECK EM) and Dallas professional sports teams. I love all things Disney and fun ways to stretch my muscles (volleyball, yoga, rollerblading, healthy competition etc).