Patrick Blocker

Connecting & Equipping Director

My wife, Joy, and I have been married since 2003 and we have three kiddos at home, Griffin, Maddy and Beck. I love any kind of competition, any kind of sugar, and country dancing with my wife. My heroes include John Lewis, Col. Bruce Patterson, and the inventor of simulated thunderstorms in the Tom Thumb produce section – I mean, what presentation! I began following Christ when I was 15. I never thought then that I would end up in vocational ministry, but here I am. I love coaching my kids in sports and having an impact on their friends. I also love serving at my kid’s school. My wife and I have been at Watermark for more than a decade and it was the first time that we felt we didn’t just join a church. We felt like we joined a mission. We knew it was a place that would love us, encourage us, and challenge us to be more like Christ. We are so grateful to be part of the Fort Worth campus! This adventure has been so much greater than we could have ever hoped! We hope the Lord continues to have us in Fort Worth for a long, long time and we get to raise our kids here.