Life is Better Together

At Watermark Fort Worth, we believe life transformation happens best in the context of relationships.

Our mission for community is to connect people in authentic relationships that lead to spiritual transformation. Community groups play a vital role to helping relationships flourish in the life of the church. In community we are known, loved, cared for, pursued, encouraged, and challenged to be more like Christ.

Community Groups

At Watermark Fort Worth, we have married and men’s / women’s groups who meet on a regular basis to connect relationally, study God’s Word, and hold each other accountable. Our goal in community is to live out the “One Anothers” of Scripture, which are God’s instructions on how believers should live life together.

The first step in joining a community group is to complete the membership process.

Foundation Groups

Foundation groups exist to help establish newly married couples for a lifetime of oneness and ministry in the context of Christ-centered community.

Foundation Groups include four to six newly married couples who are led by an experienced mentor couple. Couples walk through a 15-month curriculum created to help them build their lives and marriage on a solid foundation (Matthew 7:24-27), with the hope that they become more like Jesus, experience healthy community, grow in oneness, and learn to live on-mission.

To join a Foundation Group, you must be a member of Watermark Fort Worth and have been married for less than three years. To get connected, join us for our next Foundation Group Formation.

Gospel Primer

The Gospel Primer is a course that helps disciples understand how we are saved by the gospel and the application of the gospel to everyday life.

In this 6 week course, you’ll reflect daily on the gospel and learn how to apply its truths to every area of life.


re|engage is a safe place for married couples to grow in their marriage.

Whether your marriage is good and you want it to be great, or you are at rock-bottom and wonder if there is hope, re|engage is a safe place to grow in your marriage.

At re|engage, you’ll hear from couples whose marriages have been transformed, learn practical ways to grow in oneness with your spouse, and gain insights from others in a small group setting as you walk through the 16 lessons.


re:generation is a 12-step discipleship journey through recovery.

We all experience brokenness. It’s OK to not be OK– but God doesn’t want us to stay there. We can experience growth and new life by working through the healing path God has given us in the Bible. Find freedom from all struggles, including anxiety, depression, pornography, fear, control, substance abuse, codependency, sexual abuse, same-sex struggles, eating disorders, body image, anger, obsessive thoughts, and any other struggle that has you stuck.

Equipping Institute

The Equipping Institute exists to help God’s people understand, apply, and delight in God’s Word for the purpose of full devotion.

We accomplish this through teaching both the content of Scripture and the means to apply it fully with the help of God’s people and God’s Spirit.