Steve Abney


My name is Steve Abney. I grew up in Austin, Texas as the oldest of 5 boys all born within 6 years. Growing up I spent many summers behind the “Pine Curtain” at Camp Huawni where I met my bride, Lesa. We have been blessed with two girls, Evan and Faye. In a house full of girls, this emotionally stunted, boy-only-family dad is loving the ways God is changing me for the better. We love trying new restaurants, spending long weekends together as a family, and living next door to our closest friends. I spend much of my weekdays commuting from Fort Worth to Dallas to work alongside great friends in the energy business. I was once firmly convinced that devotion to Jesus would rob me of a fulfilling life. But now I know, having tasted and seen the goodness of God, that following Him is full of life and adventure! If you’re like I was, read John 10:10 and test it.