This We Know: Blessed Assurance

It is only in the fullness of assurance of eternal life can that you can really know that all is well between you and God. In this week’s passage we will examine the clear evidence for assurance of life in Christ as well as the results of that assurance. The central aim of this passage is for you to fully enjoy the life in Christ that is made available through the gospel.

1 John 5:6-13 Sermon Guide

4 Main Points

1. Be assured by the clear historical evidence that Jesus is the Christ (vv. 6-8).

2. Be assured by the reliability of the One testifying (v. 9).

3. Be assured by the internal testimony of the Holy Spirit (v. 10).

4. Be assured of having received eternal life in Jesus Christ (vv. 11-13).

Key Takeaways

  • John reaffirms to his audience the body of evidence that testifies Jesus is the Christ. In his defense against the Gnostics, he calls to the stand three witnesses: Jesus’ baptism (the water), Jesus’ crucifixion (the blood), and the Holy Spirit.
  • At Jesus’ baptism, the Holy Spirit descended on Him like a dove, while the Father audibly affirmed Jesus as His Son and expressed His good pleasure.
  • At Jesus’ crucifixion, He not only declared His redemptive work as finished, but there was supernatural darkness for 3 hours, the temple veil was torn, the earth shook, tombs opened and the dead were raised to life, and the Roman centurion testified to Jesus as the Son of God– all evidence supporting Jesus as the Messiah.
  • We see the Holy Spirit’s testimony at Jesus’ baptism, at Pentecost, through the God-breathed Scriptures, and written on the hearts of believers.
  • After the cross, a guarded tomb becomes empty, Jesus appears to the disciples and more than 500 other witnesses, Christianity spreads like wildfire, and we have the testimony of millions around the world throughout history that Jesus is the Christ.
  • We have the trustworthy testimony of a perfect God that Jesus is the Christ. The testimony of a perfect God > the testimony of imperfect people.
  • Oftentimes, people want salvation, yet still want to maintain control. However, simply acknowledging facts about Jesus is not the same as trusting Him.
  • As Tyler commends, “We receive Jesus on our knees, bowing before and trusting in His salvation.”
  • Eternal life in Christ does not merely start when we die, but is to be experienced in this life as the believer experiences the fullness of fellowship and communion with the triune God.
  • According to Tyler, doubts about eternal life can arise from the lack of a dramatic conversion story, the ongoing presence of sin, and comparison to others. Take these doubts captive and be reminded of the sufficiency of your Savior and the truth of your salvation story.
  • In review, John has provided an array of tests to assure the believer of their salvation:

    1) Have you believed in Jesus Christ?
    2) Do you love God and hate the world?
    3) Do you hold fast to the truth of His Word?
    4) Do you walk in obedience to His Word?
    5) Do you love your brothers and sisters in Christ?
  • The assurance of life in Christ changes everything:  who we worship, our prayer life, our Bible study, our priorities and pursuits, our love towards others, our perseverance in suffering, our hope beyond death.

Discussion Questions/Application

For personal reflection:

  • Have you truly trusted in Jesus as the Christ? If so, what areas of your life do you still struggle to surrender control to your perfect Savior? If not, what is keeping you from bowing before Jesus?

Discuss with your community group:

  • What evidence do we have that Jesus is the Christ? What evidence has been most convicting and awe-inspiring to you as a believer?
  • What aspect of the Christian life that Tyler mentioned (prayer life, Bible study, priorities,             love, perseverance, or hope beyond death) is in the greatest need of refining in your       life by the blessed assurance of salvation?

Passages Referenced
Matthew 3:13-17, John 20:31, John 17:3.

Read before next Sunday: 1 John 5:14-17.